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Thread: Flex seal for Roho cushions

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    Flex seal for Roho cushions

    Just throwing this out there, guys and girls. I had a small pinhole leak in my Roho, and of course my tire repair glue was dried from age. Looking around I found an old roll of flex seal and fixed it up. The stuff worked great!

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    Thanks. I'll remember that.
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    What he said. insert up arrow. How big of a piece did you use?

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    I probably used more than I needed, but I used an approx 1" X 1" piece. And, I'm happy to say, I'm still sitting on it after two weeks or so!

    EDIT- I did scuff the area, but I didn't use any glue. I also cut a 4x4" piece and placed it in my survival kit. I'll bet it will patch a tire innertube too!

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