SO, I'm waiting for an appt with a gastroenterologist so that I can get a bowel program going. I had been on a simple one for a few months that has failed.
The simple before: Just a suppository every night.
However, since starting therapy on Aug 2, I tend to have a BM during 1000am therapy every wed and Friday . And getting worse. It seems that anytime I do a bit of movement it happens; such as transferring, balance work, using the elliptical stander, etc. I've stopped doing the bike before therapy because of the threat of a BM.
I tried a clean out so I could sort of start anew. The said to do 64oz of miralax and take 2 senna tabs 2x daily. When I did the miralax I was only able to do 32oz over a 4hr period because of the gastric bypass I had in 2006.
I only have 4 therapy days left of this session, then about a 4 month break before the next therapy session. I will be getting a elliptical stander at home and will still do that plus still work on my core and balance. I want to get my bowels situated before my next therapy session starts. There are some important therapies I can't do until I have my bowels trained.
The problem right now.... I have to wait for the GI to look through my clinicals before they'll make an appt. The GI's secretary said it could take as much as 6 weeks before they make the appt. I don't want to wait that long.

For now, I'm taking the senna, 2tabs twice daily. Any suggestions on what else I can do in the meantime?

thanks for any help.