I've read that SCI burn less calories than able bodies - by about 20%. Make sense, because lack of tone and those muscles not doing anything to burn at rest. I have also read that SCI burn the same amount as able bodies and the SCI doesn't make a difference, at rest of course.

Whats the consensus here ? Anyone lose weight by calorie counting ? The reason I ask, is that I have been counting for about 10 days. I punched my info on myfitness pal and set it to lose 1.5lb a week, sorta giving myself some wiggle room if I do indeed burn less calories idle - so actual goal is 1lb a week. Wanna lose like 10-20 pounds. I'm eating no more than 1650 a day. I just hope that's enough.....guess Ill find out in a few months if I do indeed need to eat less that that -_-

Also saw this and might test it out. https://www.digitaltrends.com/wearab...wearable-news/