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Thread: Urological supplies, many free

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    Urological supplies, many free

    Anyone interested? I have Hollister leg bag kits in medium and large. Various hydrophilic catheters (female) in 14f. Duette foley caths. Foley insertion kits. Some sterile irrigation kits with 60 cc syringes. Extra extension tubing for leg bags or night bags. Unpack aged grip locks.

    If there's interest I'll post photos and more details along with breaking down which items are free, and which are for a small cost. Any money gained will go to paying off what I owe on my service dog, I'm behind on the loan.
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    I may be interested in the Duette Catheters, how much do you want for them, with shipping to zip code 55128?

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    LARGE HOLLISTER LEG BAG KITS and the extension tubing for sure PM me plz

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