I was in the hospital a couple months ago for kidney stones. I was there three days. Of course I was laying in bed the whole time. So they would reposition me every couple hours. Anyway, the day nurse the second day would ask the CNA, "Is he clear?" I had no clue what they were talking about. I finally asked the nurse what she was asking and she said they were making sure my testicles were not stuck between my thighs, making sure they weren't in the way or causing any pressure problems. She couldn't believe that I had never heard of the term, "Being Cleared." I had never thought about it. I guess when you can't feel them, it doesn't concern you. I guess it should. She said where she worked before they were taught to clear all patients who had no feeling below the waist if they couldn't do it themselves.

Have any of you heard of that before? I know I will pay more attention from now on. Look out for your boys?