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Thread: Pain in Hard Palate of Mouth

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    Pain in Hard Palate of Mouth

    A few weeks ago, I bit into an apple and had a sharp pain in the palate right behind my front top teeth. The pain is still there (I notice it when I press my tongue there), and it gets aggravated whenever I bite something straight on, even coarse ground bread. I wouldn't dare bite something like an apple again (unless it is cut up).

    Has anyone else experienced this? I suspect that it could be related to over-using my teeth as tools (for 32 years). I'm shocked to find that I started a different thread 5 years ago, related to pain from over using our teeth. I don't remember having the old problem so I guess it didn't last long.

    I've seen two doctors about the new palate pain, and they found no sign of bruising, so they think it is a dental problem. My teeth feel fine. The pain is deeper, like in the bones behind/above the front teeth, in the hard palate.

    Any ideas or similar experiences?

    I'm pretty sure I grind my teeth at night, but I think that's only in the back.

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    I had a front upper tooth that just started to hurt for no reason. Was like 20 years ago. It got worse over a few years. Dentist could not find a problem wanted to do a root canal. I said no that's not the problem it something different. I have had root canal before. This pain was different. So I told him to pull it. He didn't want to but after he pulled it he said I did the right thing. It came out real easy also. Looked good to me but the pain was killing me. After that no more pain.

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    Time to see a dentist. They can take x-rays. Probably the root has cracked.
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