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Thread: What power chair do you use?

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    What power chair do you use?

    In the 31 years I have been disabled I have only had four power wheelchairs. The first wheelchair was the Myra. This was a primarily outdoor chair with massive front wheels. The second chair was called the Cheetah (the actual make alludes me). The third wheelchair was the Permobil Chairman and my current is the Permobil corpus 500. If you're up-to-date on my recent thread then you will know the problems I have had recently.

    I've basically done with Permobil now so my next wheelchair will be completely different. I'm just wondering what power wheelchairs you guys use. This got to be endorsed/outdoor but be really powerful as an outdoor wheelchair at the same time. Also, I will be driving from it so I will prefer something that has been crash tested.

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    Since all powerchair or any DME has to be tested to pass CMS standards none are going to surpass those requirements much, if any. Plus, all private insurances seem to follow Medicare guidelines.
    By your ;ist of chairs I'm taking you are looking at Group 3 powerchairs.
    I most likely am not of any use since I stick to hard smooth surfaces. But I'll give you my imput on my chairs. My current daily is a Quantum Q6 Edge a CWD,OttoBock backresk, Back 4, I think it's called and ROHO Quadtro cushion. Narrow base size wise 24" hub to hub, size 18x20" seat. Have admit power seat functions is quite slow. But, suprisely is pretty good turning radius and no problems such as breakdowns, etc.(knock wood so far) over last 4 1/2 to 5 years use. Range is enough for me but battery size is Group 22NF's.This chair I bought out of pocket from family that the user had passed away, so no insurance coverage on repairs/parts.
    AmySystem AllTrack 3 HD. Called a RWD but really a RWD Hybrid. It's suppose to have great off-road abilities but like posted I stick to solid surfaces. Powerseat functions seem abit faster than Quantum. The batteries can be either Group 22NR's or 24's. I went with 24's but one draw back that changes footprint to 25" hub to hub. It has a bit more power and speed than Edge. Seating I don't much like Contured back but again seat cushion is ROHO Quadtro. Had it about 6 years and no problems (knock wood so far) on driving part.
    But, having issues with seating, Tech recommended after checking it out that to get new chair over repais/parts needed due to age/cost factor. Their lays my problem, my old DME I usually made deal directly with owner of shop, now big company owns it. The ATP person came to financical deal he said he was able to make, but then acouple months later called wantiing change deal and I canceled the order. Not tackled the replacement since then, figured wait til after first of the year.
    We have a very steep driveway and both these two chairs pull it with no problems, so far.
    I still have a much older 21st Century H-Frame, built like a rock and weighs a ton, think DME said without batteries it weighed in at about 425lbs, not sure once added Group 27 batteries. I wanted a heavy-duty sturdy chair to replace a lighter chair at the time, got the bariactric upgrades with solid tubing, etc.! I'd flipped over backwards going up driveway in chair it replaced. I wanted to go heavy and powerful to avoid another accident and H-Frame met that desire!
    I have had 2 by 21st Century but this one is abit over 22 years old, plus she needs a drive modular to be mobile now as luck as it the other H-Frame that was why it got replaced and I don't have funds to get repairs/parts and she's so old, mostly keep cause liked her so much. Has ROHO Quadtro cushion and backrest is solid back with somekind of foam layer backrest. She was strong, like takes door frame out of wall by accident once. Power seating functions strong, lifted Mama's small powerchair by accident with one legrest right up and over.
    I think 21st Century Scifentic has a Off-Road version now, also. Problem around here is service, only one DME that worked on them, no longer in business and van shop had older Tech that is retired now that even remembered them.
    Noticed Quantum has a new FWD chair now, since you have been using Permobil you might take a look. Think it's called a 4Front and looks pretty nice, IMHO: alot like Permobil FWD models.
    "Good Luck!"
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