Bear with me.. one of the many of those crazy thoughts I have in the shower.
These are the best examples I could think of, not meaning to be insensitive to other group struggles etc..

It struck me that our able bodied friends would never do business or interact with any institution that openly declared itself racist, in fact it would be shunned and closed down for the most part.
Or institutions that were openly hostile to women, would never receive sponsorship from major brands.
To the point large brands bend over backwards to do the right thing.

The same would be true for establishments that were openly homophobic or non inclusive on identity grounds.. to the point that businesses of all types happily fly the rainbow flag.
A point of pride to do business with businesses that are friendly to the whole community as regards their sexual identity etc..

But a business that happily flys the rainbow flag, is anti-racist, non-sexist, but is inaccessible to wheelchairs and provides no equal ADA toilet facilities our able bodied friend will be quite happy to frequent and do business with.

The irony for me... is that as a straight white able-bodied man, you're never going to be black and have to worry about being on the receiving end of racism, you're not going to be a woman and have to worry about sexism, you're not going to be gay and have to worry about homophobia; but as we all know any of us can be disabled and end up stuck in a wheelchair! so any of us could end up having to deal with institutions that are not inclusive, yet as an able bodied person you'll quite happily do business with companies that you wouldn't be able to access if you ended up in a wheel chair.

So how do we shame our able bodied friends from interacting with any business or institution that doesn't meet and exceed the ADA laws the same way they wouldn't participate with racist/homophobic/sexist institutions?

How do we get people to fly our flag even when they themselves are not disabled, so people know they are supporting a truly inclusive business. And use the power of economics to shame those that don't exceed the ADA.

The same way that new buildings are proud to show off their green credentials for example.

A bumper sticker...... "I only do business with (pictures of the black triangle) companies that support everyone!"
Start overlaying the black triangle over your profile picture on Facebook etc...
Follow through with flying where ever you can think etc..

I use the black triangle as it is simple and has history!! but open to other suggestions ...

like I said just a shower thought, and it needs work making it more coherent ..... thoughts ??