Hoping that I can get some advice and from the searches I?v done on this forum and ?lurking? around for the past 2 years I think I came to the right place.

I?m scheduled to have an Ischial Flap in the next couple weeks. I?v already been through one flap (Sacral) 3 years ago and this time I?v decided to come home after my initial week in the hospital. I?m in my 30?s and all they could find last time were Nursing Homes and I really don?t want to spend a month of my life there if I can avoid it. This brings me to my question about making sure I?m on the correct Air Mattress for the recovery period.

I contacted my Doctor?s office with this question and you will get a kick out of the response I got. They came back with ?you should be on an air mattress?. Can you say No Shi+! I?m hoping that this came from the office manager and not doctor or I?m really going to be in trouble.

Now, I turn to you fine folks. Can someone please recommend to me an Air Mattress that I should be on post Flap? This will be for the month or so that I will be recovering at home after my hospital stay. Here?s where I have been looking:


Also, once I?m all healed up, does anyone have a good recommendation for a mattress for me (C-5, Incomplete)? As I stated previously, I?ve already had one sacral flap. I?m currently on a Custom Comfort which is way too hard for me. I?ve read that a lot of Quads have success with the Sleep Number bed. I?d prefer something that doesn?t make my room look like a hospital room. I?m open to any and all suggestions just please keep in mind that I?m a C-5 quad and can?t turn myself.