I track my rides in an app called Strava and every month they have challenges to ride 1,250km (777mi) and/or climb 8,000m (26,000ft). I always wanted to see if I could do it and September wasn't too busy, so I joined both.

I have a 9mi commute to work each way so I wouldn't have to add too much more to hit that goal. I was also going to a wedding in North Carolina and always wanted to go biking in Appalachia. So I knew that I could hit those goals, but would I actually be able to?

Not only did I meet those goals, but I smashed them by 120% and 145%, respectively.

On this beautiful bike. It's a Freedom Ryder Lean-Steer. Older model with many component and frame upgrades.

Here's a monthly calendar of my progress. After I knew I was going to meet the 777 mile goal, I immediately set my eye on 1,000 miles. But alas, it was not in the cards... this time.

Here's the crowning achievement of the trip: 30 miles and 6200 feet up Mt Mitchell:

I'm a single guy with a job that allows me to do this kind of thing, but I encourage everyone to set a physical activity goal for yourself - be it 100 miles in a month, 3 activities per week, or just 20min of exercise a day.

Set that goal for yourself and then go out and kick its ass.