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Thread: under my toe nail

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    under my toe nail

    dear friends,

    A couple of months ago some tight shoes provoked pus under my toe nail. The pus passed but unfortunately I begin to feel some pain on that leg, in the shin area. Also the Babinski reflex is present on that leg (the toe moves by itself) and this provokes more pain if I wear normal shoes. For now I'm still wearing sandals, but winter is coming and I need to fix this problem.

    My doctor says that the pain isn't related with the toe nail . She insist that is it neurological related so she prescribes me different pain killers.

    Do you have any advice for me?

    please see images from attach....

    the 3rd images is taken in the same day with the tight shoes event.
    the first two images are taken at one week from the tight shoes event.
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    Fungal nail maybe? Can you get to see a DPM?

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    I agree with Tom. The nail does look like it might be the trigger for the pain. I would recommend that you see a podiatrist. They deal with these issues every day.
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