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    driving from chair is e z lock the only thing out there hate the bolt haning from chair plus extra wt

    looking at a truck have nnot seen pictures yet dad died was his truck son say u push a button on dash and it locks in chair

    will have picture tomorrow find out who converted it ask more meanwhile I am nosey

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    I don't know if you use a power chair or manual chair. The only other lockdown is made by Qstraint, but that too involves mounting bracket on the chair. If you use a power chair weight is not an issue. If you use a manual chair, the lockdown bracket for either lockdown system adds tremendous amount of weight to a standard lightweight chair, almost doubling it.

    Not much way around that though.

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    tit lite manual john introduce to a lady it might work she is awesome I feel like a lazy person next to her what an inspriration

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