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    Quad Pod help

    I've been in my chair for 11 years now and I'm starting to gain some weight. It's mainly in my stomach and I can't figure out how to exercise that area. I'm a para/quad my paralysis start at T-4. I don't have any stomach muscles in order to do sit ups. I noticed a few months ago that I can now suck in my stomach and push it out. I haven't been able to do that before. I was wondering if anyone knows of exercises that work. Also has anyone tried to e-stem their stomach before? Any suggestions or advise is really welcomed. Thanks
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    I doubt that you are actually pushing your stomach wall in and out unless you have gotten some amazing late motor return. Much more likely you are seeing the effect of diaphragm contraction increasing intra-abdominal pressure, which pushes out the abdominal wall, and then with diaphram relaxation and decreased intra-abdominal pressure, the stomach wall being sucked in a bit.

    "Quad belly" (which can also occur in those with higher paraplegia such as you) is caused by the weight of your abdominal organs stretching out the paralyzed muscles of your abdomen. Rarely is it an indication of obesity. It can be prevented by the regular use of an abdominal binder whenever sitting up from the time of injury, and later, using a binder to prevent the muscle sagging, but that cannot correct the problem once the muscle wall is stretched out already.

    Some have tried e-stim for this problem, with mixed results. It may work some at your injury level. Do you have any spasticity in your abdominal muscles currently?

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