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Thread: Won't boot

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    Won't boot

    I have a (another) problem with my PC.

    When we get a power outage, I have to unplug it for at least an hour or it will not boot up past the bios.

    I was adding a video and on restart, it would not boot. (The card worked enough to see the boot screen on my TV)

    I have it unplugged and will try it in the morning.

    I read some internet posts that sounded familiar and the fix for some of them was a new power supply.

    My power supply is 500 watts but after researching it, it was not reviewed well.

    My new video card is compatible with my PC and does not require additional power.


    Can a faulty PSU cause the problems that I've described above?

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    Faulty PSU, motherboard, system battery.

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    Thanks, I'll start with a battery.

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    It makes me think motherboard, considering your audio issue seems to be related to your MB.

    It may be time to go Pascal or Ryzen.
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    If the battery doesn't fix it, I'll swap out the psu with my older PC. If that fails, I'll get a new mobo. It doesn't have to be super powerful as I only use it to watch/burn DVD movies and streaming video/music.

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