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Thread: Might be going to the YUKON!

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    Might be going to the YUKON!

    I might be travelling to the Yukon next month and I'm afraid of the temperatures; 28F during the day and possibly -13F at night!!

    What should I take to stay and avoid frost bite??
    Any advice for cold weather?
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    WHY? What not cold enough in Quebec? Take all the clothes you own. I guess you will be outside, if you're asking how to keep warm. Mittens, are warmer than gloves, even when wet. A big dam hat, even 2 big hats. You louse a lot of heat out your head. Leather (so you can push)with a liner. Pack boots and wool socks. There is some proof that pepper in your socks help you warm. Won't hurt and if you freeze to death, you're already seasoned, so your friends can eat you.
    Keeping your arms and legs warm, helps keep your hands and feet warm. My knees use to always get like ice, riding snowmobile.
    You can get battery heated, socks, clothes. But if you can't feel, they can burn you.

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    Not cheap, but this looks like a great product for protecting your lower body:

    Here are some mittens you may want to consider:

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    Maybe try contacting some of the Centers for Independent Living ( CILs) up north and ask for advice?

    Here's a link to a couple up North:

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