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Thread: Replacing Torn Chair Seat With Stronger Upholstery

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    Question Replacing Torn Chair Seat With Stronger Upholstery

    I use a Drive brand wheelchair to get around my home. I bought it for cash a few years ago. The insurance is not involved, and I assume that the warranty did not transfer.

    The naugahyde upholstery that makes up the seat tore while I was sitting on it. I was not hurt. I weigh comfortably less than the chair is supposed to hold.

    My friend took some webbing and installed it between the bars either side of the seat to make a temporary fix. The torn seat rests on the top for the moment.

    I would like to replace the seat upholstery, and install the new seat on top of the webbing. I can buy the same part from Drive or other vendors, all at about the same price, but it may tear again, so I would prefer to buy something stronger. The size is about 19 inches by 18 inches, with 6 holes with grommets on each side. The official part is listed as 20 inches wide. I am not sure why the measurement differs.

    How can I search on the internet for an OEM part that is better than what the wheelchair manufacturer offers to sell me? I don't know if anyone actually sells this kind of thing, or how I would find them if they did.

    If I wanted to make this kind of thing myself, I don't know what I would make it from or what would be involved.

    To preclude suggestions which might seem logical, I do not want to spend on getting a better chair, although these likely exist, and getting someone else to pay for my chair is also not a road I want to go down at the moment. Sportaid and spinlife do not seem to deal with parts for Drive brand chairs. I assume that people whose insurance covers their chairs get better brands and that those are the primary shoppers at sportaid and spinlife.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    You could try an automotive upholstery shop.

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

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    Are you concerned about pressure that could cause skin break down?

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    I live with a para, which is why I joined this forum. I can walk a little, so skin breakdown is not a concern for me yet, but I use a wheelchair a bit too.

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