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Thread: C7 encountering some bullying in high end condo development

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rook98006 View Post
    Can you get them to scrub your toilet? Maybe get a wet mop and stick it in their face after they cross your threshold. You can't legislate behavior as much as we try. Unless you move to a farm or house with a fenced yard I don't know how you can avoid some interaction with people. I did hang cheap mirror film in one of my early apt windows.
    That's a great suggestion, when they come over put them to work, that'll keep them away.

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    I never did see the attraction of condos and HOA's meddling into your affairs, at your expense. Best to avoid entering into such 'agreements' IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patton57 View Post
    I'm a C7 complete (28 yrs post) living on my own in a higher end condo development. I'm on the ground level and usually leave the blinds open. The old ladies in my development are always looking in the windows and talking about the state of my unit. They have gone as far as following me to my door and insisting on helping me carry groceries in so they can get in and comment. It feels like concerted harrassment. Has anyone dealt with this legally/formally?

    On a slightly different but I think related front, I was in the hospital in January 2016 for five days and must have been asked about 10 times by health care providers whether anyone in my life or environment was controling/bullying/abusing me. They usually followed up with asking if anyone is doing anything to me without my consent or intimidating me because of my limitations.

    Perhaps SCIs fit under the umbrella of elder abuse laws as well? Any thoughts? I'm pretty tough and thick skinned but it has been ongoing for over 2 years. I don't mean to sound like a wuss either but it does wear on you after a while.
    Sorry for what you are going through but maybe I read this wrong? Nosey neighbors in definitely not abuse or bullying...

    We all deal with it from high end to low income . We all live a life of lookers, gawkers and people just being rude. I would toughen up and leave those windows open!!

    Its your life live it how you want...Who cares who looks in be free and dont let some crazy people dictate your spirit and your happiness!!

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    How messy is your place ? Just get a maid once a week ? What was your tone like when you said you didn’t want her coming in ? I wouldn’t put up with them nosey dames. You should knock on her door and just roll right in, see what’s in the fridge, lol.

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