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Thread: Numotion same joke

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelin 48 View Post
    anyone ever install solid tires on there rims seems like it would be hard i watched the guy from united seating do it years ago and he had a heck of a time
    Tried them years ago; soaked them in steaming hot bath tub water and they went right on. Shrunk back down once cooled and were perfectly snug. Sport-Aid used to sell a tool that helped.
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    I love mine

    had a tire shop install mine been 10 years same tires

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    I took my wheels to a bike shop with solid tires I got of eBay and the got put them on my spare set of spinergy in 3 min it?s not that hard I would recomend a bike shop any day and it?s cheaper to buy out of pocket cost me like $50 max for the tires and $4 to install wile I waited

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    numotion is terrible where I live as well, but tbh no more terrible than the other DMEs I'm forced to work with.

    But I'd never try to go through an insurance company or DME for anything under $500 cuz it takes at least 6 months. I'm north of 10 months trying to get my new wheelchair (not with numotion).

    How much is a set of solid tires? $20? $40? A bike shop would probably slap those suckers on for $10. I'd never try to go through insurance to get tires because I'd be rolling on the rims before they ever showed up.

    When I get a fresh set of schwalbe's I pay for them from sportaid or amazon or wherever, then bring them to the bike shop and try not to smirk as they curse and break tire wrenches for a couple bucks to mount them. I've got normal hand and arm function and am physically capable of doing it (and have done so), but it's such a huge pain in the ass I let some young whipper snapper do it for $4 a tire or whatever they charge.

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    Also do t get me started on numotion I would share my story but it would be to long for your post but yes they have some bad reviews and service I’m in Illinois but after my $20k problem I got in contact with some hire ups and got everything worked out I was done with them the lady I worked with didn’t care about me at all she made me feel like I’m the problem because problems with insurance and a lot of things on there end but eventually I got a new person and they made everything right for me and some took 2 years but ya. They definitely need to clean house they changed names 5 times since I have been useing them, but most of the people there have no people skills or compassion for you when you don’t want to deal with this stuff I’m tryinvto Get stuff I have to have just to live somewhat normal and they don’t care it’s all about money. But with that said I don’t want to talk bad about them after all they did for me even though I spent hours and thousands of phone calls they are really tryin to turn the company around so give them another chance and just try to find the right agent to work with. Also with them don’t expect a call back when things are ready or waiting for something you have to call and ask about updates to make sure you get what you want in a timely matter they don’t seem to keep up with calling and updating , even if they have problems most likely you will have to get ahold of them to make sure everything is goin through. But if you have any problems with them let me know and I can try to reach out to the hire up person I have grown to know well after my problems.

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    gonna get ahold of bike on im tired of waiting they did call once today left no message screw them
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    Suck in Spokane Washington also

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    I had a heck of a time trying to get a chair through them it took so long I cancelled my order and went elsewhere.

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    Horrible! In southern CO anyway. I'm convinced they are all on crack.

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    Seems all Independant DME's are fast becoming part of large companies and we are not important when comes to the new business model of just profit margins!

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