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Thread: Recommend a hotel in Carlsbad near NP?

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    Recommend a hotel in Carlsbad near NP?

    We will be out there next month but it looks like there are not a lot of hotels there. Looking for clean and very accessible.

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    Carlsbad CA or Carlsbad NM?? Suspect you are talking about the latter. There are a number of hotels in the White City or town of Carlsbad area (about 20-30 miles from the park) that feature accessible rooms, including the Days Inn Carlsbad, Hampton Inn & Suites Carlsbad, Sleep Inn & Suites, and Fairfield Inn and Suites. As always, call the hotel directly and speak to the manager about the actual accessible features you need before booking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarheelandy View Post
    We will be out there next month but it looks like there are not a lot of hotels there. Looking for clean and very accessible.
    Your post is very vague what is very accessible?

    You have the majors there they should all have some form of accessible rooms...Marriott town suites, Holiday inn Express, Hampton.

    Define what you need in accessible and remember your going to a small city so that limits the demand and need.,lf:1,lf_ui:6

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    Motel 6s are ubiquitous and 90% of them are very accessible imo (roll in showers, roll under sinks). Plus they are cheap and literally everywhere in the US.

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    Yes, I know what is available there. Was just looking to see if anyone had a specific recommendation. I'll go with one of the major chains.

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