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Thread: Permobil distance display

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    Quote Originally Posted by landrover View Post
    Fabio responded promptly, but as mentioned, the DME has to enable it. I'll pass on that hassle. It was more a curiosity then a necessity. It actually shows in the menu, but doesn't then show on the display.

    RollPositive- I can't give you an answer on that...I received my chair in June '16.

    Why its set up to have to have programmer to set it to the main screen is crazy but its a 3rd party joystick. But Permobil and your DME should have set it up right before delivery. I have 3 people I help that had the same issue...The trip meter is very important to keep track of miles per charge.

    Yeah I would hit up both the DME ATP and your Permobil rep if you need my help message me.

    That was a free upgrade and the new joystick and headrest should have been included. Please get them big difference.

    I got my chair in Oct 2015 and I got both!!

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    Just curious what improvements there are between the 2 controllers?

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    The newer is digital, much brighter screen, I think it also holds more presets. Looks better and the newer version is bluetooth.

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    The new version also has a light sensor and adjusts the display brightness based on the ambient light. You can also fine tune the various beep volume for turning on and pushing a button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RollPositive View Post
    If its not in the menu you have to get your DME to link it to a programmer then it will be in the menu trip distance and total miles...

    Can you get them to do it before you leave next week??

    Also your chair is not that old why didnt Permobil give you the new joystick so much better!!

    I question that having the speed controller on the side of the box where it can rub against doorways as better. Pride Mobility made speed adjustments on the control boxes like that and they did rub up against tight fitting doorways and speeds did get changed mid-doorway. Also the little toggle adjustments in front of the joystick would not work at all if the standard controller had to be replaced with a goalpost style or u-shaped joy stick for those with less to no finger control and the ends of the fingers would find ways to brush up against them while the chair is in motion. And lets not mention the well meaning who while standing next to you just have to touch you hand and control stick changing things.

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    My old Invacare controller had similar speed adjustment controls, and they were regularly getting inadvertently adjusted by someone's hip.

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    I agree. I had those types of switches on my Invacare and they were always in the way. Permobil has made some really good improvements to their latest line of chairs, but going with those switches was probably the worst decision they could have made.

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