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Thread: Cold + UTI?

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    Cold + UTI?

    I've had a cold for about four days, with a lot of nasal congestion, some cough, a low fever under 100. About the same time as the cold started I noted slight urinary incontinence. Today the catheter output was bloody and a dark color, which are symptoms I've never had.

    (Edit: the blood symptom went away. So not a UTI)

    Can a cold somehow have caused these UTI symptoms? It seems too much of a coincidence that I'd get a bad cold almost exactly at the same time as a UTI. I haven't had a UTI in more than 3 years.
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    One problem may not be related to the other but your defenses must be compromised that both are evident at the same time. Interesting presentation you have. Get better soon and keep us posted.
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