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Thread: C5/6 Chest & Arm Pain

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    C5/6 Chest & Arm Pain

    This past year I've started experiencing random shooting pain throughout my chest, arms, neck and shoulders. I thought it was a heart attack but an EKG along with a heart cath showed everything was good. My family dr can't come up with anything except it maybe nerve damage or they're refiring at moments. All I know is it can be scary when it happens. When I shower I've noticed my chest will get tight like I just jumped into ice but my water is at a perfect temp. Anyone experience this? Sometimes the pain is there for awhile while other times it last seconds.

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    I am a c-7 and that is where all my pain is under my arms and across my chest have had it for 12 years and it never leaves me alone/ t slows down to where it is sort of bearable if I lay down for a long time 2 hours or so. I wouldn/t ignre it but it may be a development from your original injury. I would get a mri to see exactly what is going on that is the only way you will be able to tell for sure don/t put it off cause this stuff doesn/t like to get better. Sorry to here this but every breath for me is in pain. And it is the most annoying shit you will ever experience. Take care

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    Thank you the reply. Yes my left armpit is normally where the pain is but it spreads all over lately. My dr put me on heartburn meds but I felt worse on them as they just made me burp up gas all the time. I've been considering trying some herb to see if it helps.

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