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Thread: Rain and powerchairs

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    Rain and powerchairs

    Greetings! I'm headed on vacation in another week, and it looks like rain may be in the forecast some of the days. I've gone out in the rain before, but wondering if I plan to be out in it for a long period, should I take any precautions with the chair? I thought it anything to wrap a plastic bag over the controller.

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    Yes. A plastic bag over the controller is a good idea.

    Rain poncho is also great in addition to bag over the controller. Poncho keeps rain off you and 3/4 of chair.

    Enjoy your vacation.

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    That's all I do, slip a plastic bag over the joystick. I also take it easy going through puddles, never had any problems.

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    Thanks guys!

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    First this was years ago concerning a PaceSaver. Had in back of a truck with one of those chair covers. Cover was a joke, it was soaking underneath. Soaked would be a kind decription. Never missed a beat, had put plastic over cushions to sit on but no electricial problems.
    Oh the other hand, I won't mention brand. But a while later Mama drove her powerchai at the time from our van to inside apartment building in a light rain. She dried off joystick once got in building and figured all was OK. Next day it turn on/off and pull one side when would stay on. DME took the joystick housing apart and found water in it. He left open acouple days to 'dry out'. Afterwards it worked OK.

    I feel new equipment, no matter medical or what is not as well made as years ago. Now we both put plastic bags over the joysticks with rubber-bands to secure bag past the housing when it's doing any raining, even misting.
    Good Luck!

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