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Thread: 2017 Acura NSX with hand controls on display this weekend

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    Hi pfcs49,

    I have a C5/6 complete SCI since 1997. The hand control is custom made with push forward for brake and pull rearward to accelerate. I did try to post an image of the controls but it either hasn't been approved or I did something wrong. The car has a 9 speed dual clutch transmission. It can be driven in a full automatic mode or you can use the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters for manual control.
    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by pfcs49 View Post
    Well, since this is a crip forum, I'd (We'd) appreciate the inside skinny!

    Like what's your injury and what you have for controls? Is it manual trans? I could care less what the thing looks like on the outside!
    And I'm sure not gonna travel to Ohio to find out.
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    Do you guys offer test drives for fellow gimps lol but for real I would love to take that for a spin . I have driven a Nissan GT-R and that was a blasting can imagine this is way more fun even though the get I drove was an alpha with 1000 hp lol

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    Hi Jeramie630,
    Sorry no test drives at this time. That GT-R must have been a lot of fun to drive. I have not had the pleasure of even a ride in one of those yet.

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    Hello All,
    We had a ton of people interested in the hand controlled NSX during the Eibach Mid West meet September 17th. We were there for about 5.5 hours and from the minute we showed up until we packed up to leave we had a crowd of people checking out the the hand controlled cars. We had the 2017 NSX and my personal 1994 NSX on display. I've owned my car for 11 years and put about 35 thousand miles on it over that time period.

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    Yes the gtr is a blast to drive I definitely recomentbanyome drivr one if they have the chsnce!! Wouldn’t recomend a modded one for anyone not used to that kinda power. You on the other hand seem to be used to powerful cars to that wouldn’t be an issue. But please update us on the next time we could see this beautiful car well both the nsx I love the older ones . But definitely want to see either if I can! Keep us updated

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    We can make a trade lol I can get my friend to let you drive the gtr and I can drive your nsx hahaha jk jk he is very picky who drives his car as you know when things break it ain’t cheap

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