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    Okay so IHave a questionIs it okayTo see An Escort But Actually not have sex. So I have tried this A few times and never actually have had sex with her. Is it weird that i actually just Like spending time with her, instead of having sex with her. Actually most of the time sex is the last thing on my mind. I'm okay not having sex but I just dont want her to go.Am I that desperate for attention? Sorry about the punctuation I'm trying a New voice to text

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    You payed for that period of time whether or not you engage in sex or not. Having someone to hold in an intimate way is OK and that may be what you are looking for and wanting. If the both of you agree to this kind of relationship then, enjoy the moment.
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    Its not weird at all. As much as I miss sex, I miss just being with and talking to women.

    One of the things that I miss most, is holding hands (and feeling it).

    When I fantasize, 90% of the time, they begin with cuddling and talking... and sometimes that's all.

    If its not with someone that you love or at least truly like, then sex really isn't going to fill a void of intimacy.

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    As a female, I have no problem with this either. We need human contact and touch for our emotional well-being. I assume the escort enjoys being with you as she doesn't have to be paid for her body and is instead paid for her company.
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    It's all sex...not just intercourse. If that is what the two of you agreed upon when procuring services, then that is what you should expect for your money. Just be careful. Safer sex is especially important when being intimate with sex workers, who are often more vulnerable to STDs, and of course with your disability you are more subject to getting ripped off by either sex workers or their managers than someone who is AB.

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