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Thread: Varilite cushion leak, Brianm?

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    Varilite cushion leak, Brianm?

    Well, it IS old, but my Varilite meridian cushion has a slow leak. Can anyone suggest the most likely source? Do I immerse it in the tub to find it? I think that's a no-no. Not sure about putting water on the valves either. If I remember correctly Brianm has this cushion. Help! Thanks.

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    My husband uses the Varilite Evolution. For him, leaks have always been due to a faulty valve.

    Punctures in, and separation of, the sealed cover over the foam interior are also a problem.

    From their website:

    Q: What do I do if I get a hole in my cushion?
    A: Although the bladder of the cushion is puncture-resistant, it is not puncture-proof. If you do get a hole in your cushion, there are two options; we can send you a repair kit (click here for repair kit instructions) or you may send it to us for repair. See VARILITE Warranty for more information.

    Q: What do I do if the valve breaks or comes loose?
    A: If the valve breaks or comes loose, there are two options; we can send you a valve replacement kit (click here for valve replacement instructions) or you may send it to us for repair. See VARILITE Warranty for more information.

    Varilite sells valve repair kits and parches.
    I never used them, but videos are here.

    If it's an old cushion, it would probably be safer to replace it. Send in the new warranty card and keep a copy of the serial number. They do a decent job with in-warranty repairs.

    You can also contact them and send the old one in for inspection at your but it may take a while and the cost may not be worth it.

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    I had a VE punctured by a cat.

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    Wow! Thanks so much, 2drwhofans, for that informative quick reply! Wonderful, helpful stuff there! Can't wait to get into it.

    I do have a cat, but she doesn't jump up on anything except the bed!

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    Sorry I missed this question but clearly it was handled well by 2drwhofans; I hope you were able to repair it. FWIW, you are correct, I do use this cushion.
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    Thanks, Brianm, since it's 8 yrs old the DME decided it should be replaced. Of course I haven't gotten anywhere with that! The wheels grind slowly with this stuff.

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    I found patches for tubes at an auto parts store that worked well..

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    Thanks, phlirv. I found 2drwhofans videos to be very helpful, and have seen the repair kits on the varilite site but don't see where to actually BUY them. I'm missing something here.

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    Call them at 1-206-505-9500 or 1-800-827-4548 to request a repair kit.

    An 8 year old Varilite should probably be replaced though.

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    Thanks, 2drwhofans.

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