My chair originally came with a 24v 4amp on-board charger. Lately I've been using a 24v 4amp off-board charger (it has 2 NF22 batteries). I just bought a set of MK 22NF Gel batteries. They suggest using their 24v 8amp charger but I'm not willing to use a 8amp charger on a chair that was wired for 4amp charger. But when I search for replacement chargers for my chair there are a lot of 24v 5amp chargers listed. So I ordered a 24v 5amp charger designed for Gel batteries(I actually got it today but it was the model for AGM batteries, it has a higher charging voltage, so I'm sending it back). Does anyone think using a 5amp instead of a 4amp will cause problems with my chairs wiring? I talked to the people who make the charger and they said a 5amp charger was a minimum I should use and my 51ah batteries and 51ah batteries was the max a 5amp charger could handle. Makes me wonder how my 4amp charger managed. Anyone have any experience with this type of situation???