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Thread: Battery chargers

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    Battery chargers

    My chair originally came with a 24v 4amp on-board charger. Lately I've been using a 24v 4amp off-board charger (it has 2 NF22 batteries). I just bought a set of MK 22NF Gel batteries. They suggest using their 24v 8amp charger but I'm not willing to use a 8amp charger on a chair that was wired for 4amp charger. But when I search for replacement chargers for my chair there are a lot of 24v 5amp chargers listed. So I ordered a 24v 5amp charger designed for Gel batteries(I actually got it today but it was the model for AGM batteries, it has a higher charging voltage, so I'm sending it back). Does anyone think using a 5amp instead of a 4amp will cause problems with my chairs wiring? I talked to the people who make the charger and they said a 5amp charger was a minimum I should use and my 51ah batteries and 51ah batteries was the max a 5amp charger could handle. Makes me wonder how my 4amp charger managed. Anyone have any experience with this type of situation???

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    What make/model is your chair?

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    From what I found out you're correct in that a 4 amp charger should be used.

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    Thanks Rusty,

    your probably right, that's definitely what the chair was originally equipped with. But both MK Batteries and Universal Power Group (the people who manufacture the charger) recommend a higher Amp charger. I'm not going to use a 8amp as MK suggested but I'm going to go to try a 5amp. If it screws up my wiring I'll post back.

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    You'll probably be ok with the 5 amp, but I wouldn't charge it unattended. You could charge the batteries at higher amps but you would need to run heavier cables to the batteries.

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    Well, I got my new MK 22NF Gel batteries

    I got a new UPG 24v 5amp charger for Gel batterries. I checked my batteries after being charged and they both measure @ 13.3v

    The next day after I used my chair I charger my batteries using the 24v 4amp charger that came with the chair. The batteries both measured @ 13.5v.

    To be honest I can't seem to find out which charger to use to get the longest life span out of the batteries. I don't mean for a single charge, I mean the longest span before having to replace the batteries.

    Any experts out there????

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