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Thread: TDX Charging Issues

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    TDX Charging Issues

    Having Chair Issues. Invacare TDX5 Storm.
    My chair has not been holding a charge. It jerks to a stop, saying it needs recharged after charging all day and night, feels like the auto breaks keep coming on, etc. The charge meter jumps from 5 bars to 2, to 3, to1, to 4, etc. Charge lasts a mile, some days 2.

    I changed batteries 6 months ago, twice. Changed joystick. Found a split in the wire cable the joystick plugs into. Changed it. That seemed to fixed 80% of the non charging issues.

    Invacare thinks it?s still a battery issue. I?m in the process of getting a new chair, so they wont cover news batteries again. I thought maybe the chair?s computer module box, but Invacare says that shouldn?t have anything to do with this type of issue.

    Any ideas?
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    Check with your DME provider, I was told by mine that they have a bunch of batteries that have been pulled out of chairs on a preventive maintenance schedule and still have some life left in them. Cheap way to rule out the battery issue.
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    Thanks, I did that today. For the first hour its down 1 notch. I'll wait and charge over night and take a dive in the morning.
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