Has anyone tried one of the Activeaid Comfortuff cushions - either on an elevated toilet seat or shower chair? How is the durability, especially compared with their regular waterfall cushion? How is the comfort and skin tolerability?

My Dad has been using an Activeaid elevated toilet seat, with the thick waterfall cushion, for many years. The comfort of the cushion is very good, which is really important because my father has a lot of butt pain and a long bowel routine. But the cushion durability has been poor. The last one he bought cracked within 4 months (!). For years I have been covering the cushion with duct tape (!) as needed. Not good.

He wants to replace the elevated toilet seat finally, and now Activeaid has a new version of the cushion you can buy separately and replace, and it is supposed to be of a more durable material and is called "Comfortuff". Is it comfortable? Is it tuff?