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Thread: Activeaid Comfortuff cushion - elevated toilet seat

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    I also called the manufacturer multiple times to clarify the cushion options, how they are different, which were compatible with our base etc.. I agree that their website was not sufficient. The manufacturer customer service was very helpful. We bought it online from indemedical, which was also very helpful.

    I'll report back on the long term durability.

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    I have their product.
    the lifespan of their vinyl is terrible considering the cost. If it lasts 3 years without splitting I'd be amazed.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    It is a very small market. You might want to call them to discuss your needs. I always found their customer service to be excellent.


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    Quote Originally Posted by NW-Will View Post
    I have their product.
    the lifespan of their vinyl is terrible considering the cost. If it lasts 3 years without splitting I'd be amazed.

    Which product do you have? The Comfortuff or the older light grey version of the cushion?

    The older cushion didn't even last 3 months, nevermind 3 years, before it started to split. But it was still much, much, much more comfortable for my Dad than other elevated toilet seats and much more stable. So we patched/taped it for years.

    And I totally agree the durability was terrible for the pricepoint. I complained to them like crazy. And I suspect such complaints inspired the current Comfortuff version development.

    I'm actually surprised how many folks can tolerate much lower profile/minimally padded toilet seats. Maybe because of my Dad's incomplete injury with A LOT of neuropathic butt pain, and because he is a really big guy, means that having a well padded seat is more of an essential for him.

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    To help avoid pressure issues, I actually hang in my sling above the shower chair in my shower when I do my bowel program. When I get uncomfortable, I can still sit on the cushion for a bit. I place my bowel pan on top of the cushion while I hang above it. I can place the pan under the cushion if I get uncomfortable and need to sit. Works great for me. I agree that the vinyl that active aid uses is something to be desired, but the rest of the chair is of great quality.

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