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Thread: Shower transfer bench advice - Medline/Guardian vs. Drive - durability?

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    Shower transfer bench advice - Medline/Guardian vs. Drive - durability?


    My Dad (para) needs a new shower transfer bench. No cut outs, padded.

    He last bought one 10 years ago (!). Should have been replaced a long time ago...

    Is anyone using the Medline/Guardian bench or the Drive bench? Looking for cushion durability and stability, primarily.


    These are links to the two he is looking at.

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    No one using these? That's probably a bad sign.... It doesn't look like the Medline/Guardian one is widely sold now. That's the one my Dad bought previously - his OT at rehab chose it 10 years ago.

    How about about the Lumex one, which is sold by AllegroMedical? I saw the nurse linked to it in a very old post. Anyone using this one and could compare it to the Others?

    Mostly looking for cushion durability for skin safety, and stability of the unit in the shower.

    Also, if anyone uses a patch kit to repair cushions for any of these, or buys replacement cushions for any of these, we would be grateful to know. Thanks.

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    Medline by far a superior product over drive. Trust me on this one own a dme company been selling these products 20 plus years.

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    Appreciate that ... good to know. I appreciate your experience. If this is actually an old Guardian bench, that they have relabled as Medline, would you still say it's better?Any thoughts on Lumex?

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    Correct guardian sold that product line to Medline. Same product no real changes and unfortunately I don't sell Lumex. I would definitely stay away from Drive they are the low end of all dme products. That's why the price is so low. Good luck with your search.

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    Thanks again.

    So we ordered the same Guardian/Medline bench.

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    oops. Correction. It looks like the Medline bench may be hard to obtain. Already failed two attempts to order online.

    Any input on the Lumex or a similar padded, no cutout shower bench to recommend?

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    Reason this bench was recently discontinued and replaced with new item G98013A. Same thing pretty much you can order it on my website. I will provide you with the link below or you can call me at 480-704-3870

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    I use a regular Active aid shower bench(padded, no cut outs). Been using it 10 years and no problems at all. I travel with it some too.

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    My "BEST" bath chair was one from JCP Medical catalog, no joke! That was a padded sEat and back whicH lasted for like 15 years til padded seat covering started breaking down.
    Do not recommend Drive products, DME recommended a Drive Transfer bench, no padding just hard surfaces. Also recommended a closed cell seat cushion to set on which was small, hard to get onto and was worthless. The bench back tubing to seat/legs broke after about 2 years.
    Been though several different ones since then and none as good as first.
    I hope someone might know brand that JCP Medical sold in 1990's? I would like another one!

    BTW: Invicare padded seat didn't last more than acouple years either. And was not real stable without cross bracinging on legs.

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