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Thread: pillow/cushion to lean against for back pain?

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    pillow/cushion to lean against for back pain?

    T6 complete, with severe chronic pain. While most of my pain is below my injury level, I have a lot of pain in the center of my back at/above my injury level where I have sensation. I have noticed over the years that pressure on my back whether I'm sitting in my office chair, on the couch, recliner, etc. causes the pain in that area to increase dramatically. I had the idea the other day to take our daughter's pillow we used to lay her on when she was a baby (its a "U" shape) and put it on my back while I was sitting on the couch. Just leaning against this pillow with the hole over my mid back to avoid pressure seemed to help with the pain.

    My question is, has anyone ever come across a pillow/cushion that has a hole in it specifically to relieve pressure on the back? Or know of something that would be close enough, because the one I'm using now is not ideal since it is open on one end instead of a complete circle. It needs to be as wide/tall as my back so neck pillows are too small and those huge pregnancy body pillows are way to big. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I can always make one out of some foam if I have to.

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    Google hemorrhoid pillow and pelvic pain cushion.
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    Google hemorrhoid pillow and pelvic pain cushion.
    I thought about those but I think the area on my back is too large for the hole in those cushions. That would be perfect if they made one with the hole twice as big.

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    Just a budget idea.... children's swimming rings come in lots of different sizes..

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    It isn't an inexpensive solution, but maybe you need a professional analysis of what is going on with your back...Occupational/Physical Therapist and their recommendation. Otherwise, you may want to consider a Roho back system that come in several depths and configurations.

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