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Thread: Lateral supports positioning

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    Lateral supports positioning

    Greetings and salutations! I have an F3, and have lateral supports. Is there a recommended position for them, or is it personal preference? My laterals currently are positioned approximately midway to lower portion of my rib cage, maybe 3 to 4 inches below my armpits (I know, very scientific). I feel they may provide better support if they fell just under my armpits, but then I worry about my midsection not being supported sufficiently.

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    Here is a picture of a woman in a Permobil m3 with lateral supports. Are these the type of lateral supports you have?

    Here are a couple articles on lateral supports and positioning you might find helpful:
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    Thank you, and yes they are.

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    My laterals are a few inches below my pits. The downside of them for me is my shirts get hung up on them.

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    In my C300 laterals, as installed, when even allow me to rest my arms on the armrests without compressing very uncomfortably my inside arms. I could not even eat comfortably. I opted for the molded wraparound lateral support in the aftermarket Invacare matrix elite deep back as it would give me lateral support lower down, while freeing up my upper arms. I couldn't even more comfortably at a keyboard with the old laterals, much less reach for something to the side.

    Lateral supports are an unfortunate fact of life for many of us. While they may give us support, they restrict their movement and can even cause compression of the axillary nerve, which is present in the upper arm.

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