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Thread: Freedom Ryder Hand Cycle

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    Freedom Ryder Hand Cycle

    I have a Freedom Ryder LC1 handcycle for sale. It is in excellent condition, has been well looked after, with frequent tune ups and indoor storage.

    It is a "lean steer" and is best for paras who have reasonable to good trunk control. It is not the latest model, so the brakes are regular (not disc) and the gears levers are on the "handlebars", but it is an awesome bike that I have really enjoyed using! Prior to this bike, I had another one made of steel! If it's so awesome why am I selling it? Age, declining shoulders that have been repaired a bunch, and vascular damage to a blood vessel that serves one of my arms - I cannot pedal the distances I want to travel, so I bought a new model with a Bion-X e-wheel system

    I'm asking $1500. I do not want to ship it, but am willing to drive to meet a buyer who is in my region. I am about 2 hours outside of NY city and often travel either north toward Albany or south toward Harrisburg/Washington DC. I am open to working on shipping if arranged by the buyer.

    I have multiple pictures that are too big to upload here, so follow this link to my website to see pictures

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