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Thread: toenail fungus

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    toenail fungus

    I see on the net that there are many types of treatments for toenail fungus/yellow toenails. I know it's going to take a long time to eliminate this, if I even can.

    What's the best treatment to eliminate yellow toenails/fungus? I tried to treat them with tea tree oil, but it really wasn't doing much. I think an over-the-counter remedy is kind of working on some of them. I tried another over-the-counter remedy and it was very harsh. I haven't tried Vicks vapor rub,, but see it suggested as well. Will also try soaking my feet in vinegar water. I really don't want to take prescription pills for this.

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    Damaged nails and nails with fungus looks alike. How do you know it's fungus? My doctor couldn't tell. He sent a sample to the lab for test. I could have sworn it was fungus. It turned out to be damaged nail. No cure other than time.

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    I used Hydrocleanse on my toenails, and it cleared right up. Just squirt it on your toenails and let dry. I did this maybe 3 or 4 times and its gone.

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    Tough cases may require oral medication. You have to take it for 6-12 months for it to be effective. Topical treatments are unlikely to eradicate infection at the base of and under the nail. They may help for athlete's foot (also a fungal infection) but not really for true fungal nails.

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