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Thread: Basic Cable TV

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    Wi-Fi is 1.5. The Av guy in town agreed I would have buffering issues. Which I already do on my laptop.

    Seems like I go thru this every couple years. When I saw the 55" and 65" the other day at the warehouse store I had to stop and gawk for an hour. Of course they all had the HD slow motion mountain scene playing. The only place I know to watch regular programming on this size is at a sports bar but they would surely have a better signal than I do.

    It feels dumb but I think I'm gonna do it. Learned the tuner lesson with a 40" projector tv many yrs ago
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    FYI Anyone looking to use an antenna, don't by a Vizio. They do not have a built in TV tuner.

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    a lot of Vizio's have tuners, I have 3 with tuners.......all Vizio, great tv....

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    How old are your Vizios? All new ones come sans tuner.

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    unplugging from cable next month, and never looking back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rook98006 View Post
    Looking for new tv. Only have basic cable input...not HD. Does anyone watch basic cable with a newer 4k or OLED tv? Is there a difference between an old 1080p and a newer 4k set when using cable? Found an old 55" 1080 for $350...why spend more if there is no improvement in the picture quality?
    Dude, no way you should pay $350 for a used TV.

    I bought a 40" 4k smart TV for $250 last year on black friday (or cyber monday or something), and that time of year is coming up again. You can get a faster, cheaper, higher resolution TV for less than they are asking for that old TV.

    But with regard to your question about cable I have no idea, because for the past 10 years or so I've only ever watched TV that is streaming or downloaded, so I've had no use for a cable... actually I lived in an apartment that gave me free cable and I bought a cable and connected it to my TV, but never actually watched anything on it even though I intended to. it's so inconvenient.

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