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Thread: Falling out of my Quickie Q 7

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    Falling out of my Quickie Q 7


    I have been using a Quicke GPV and Stimulite Contour cushion for 15 years have fallen out of my chair forward only one time. My DME provider talked me into a Quickie Q7 with a Roho Elite cushion due to a skin breakdown issue this spring. The first night I had the chair I bent forward to pick up a piece of paper off the floor and fell forward out of my chair. I have had the chair for 3 weeks now and fallen out of it 5 times all forward. I know I could use a grabber but with my GPV all I had to do was hook my arm around the back of the chair lean over and pick up anything off the ground. Needless to say I have parked the Q7 and am back riding in my GPV with the Roho cushion and have noticed that I don't feel as secure when I reach for things off the floor now so do you think it is/was the cushion all along or could it be a combination of the two? I hate to have a $4,000 chair sitting in my basement but I hate trying to get back in my chair worse.

    Have anyone of you had this problem with the Q7 and a roho cushion?


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    How much dump do you have in your new chair? Also, is the seat length shorter than in your old chair?

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    I have the Q7 and have had multiple instances of tipping forward and falling out. I just seems the angle of the front caster is too far back. I have them angled as far forward as possible, but now I just avoid grabbing things from the front in favor of just grabbing things from the side. Sorry I don't have a real solution for you other than compromise. I probably won't get another Q7 when it is time to replace this one.

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    I would guess your footrest angle is much greater now. Plus, are you being cautious when you bend forward? Since it's new, it's best to err on the side of caution.
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    I was prescribed Roho Elite at a seating clinic. I normally use a Roho Quattro. I can remember wheeling outdoors and a few times feeling very tipsy which I attributed to being higher up in the chair. I also had trouble cathing because of the foam that's molded in the front of cushion. I did remove that with a serrated knife. I put the cushion up and don't use, it just wasn't for me.
    As SCI nurse asked do you have a shorter seat depth?

    Do you have Frogs Legs?
    Do you have a rigid back? The rigid back will push you forward , loose seat depth and easy to front load casters, if not configured right.
    I think you are smart to park chair. I broke both my legs with a forward fall in a quickie XTR ( now discontinued) . Between hardware in legs and other physical effects it's not worth it to mess with any questionable equipment, can literally be life altering. Stay safe, dog DME and Quickie rep to get it set up right or change the chair and or cushion.
    Good luck.

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    Try flipping your casters forward prior to reaching. The Q7's cantilevered frame means there is less weight behind the caster than the box frame GPV. It will tip easier, but should be much more stable with the fork reversed.

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    Its the ROHO. I used foam cushions for 35 years. Got a ROHO and dove head first out of the first time a bent for something. After doing the same thing about 3 times, I now use a Stimulite when I'm doing anything that I might take a dive. I use the ROHO around the house, shopping, going out.

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    I'm no mechanic and others here can better help you, but I'd check the "center of gravity" of your new chair. That is, the placement of the rear axle in relation to the front wheels. I'm assuming your chair can be adjusted by moving the rear axle forward or back. Is it possible you have it set up in a way to make the chair "front tippy". In my experience, I once had to have a chair with the axle position changed as I had a large oxygen tank on the back of my chair. When the oxygen was no longer needed and off the chair, I proceeded to fall forward out of my chair when I barely touched a tiny bump in the pavement. In other words, removing the tank unbalanced the center of gravity.

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