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    I used my Firefly to get around a campus on a pretty steep hill where I just lived for 3 months in Kona, Hawaii. The front wheel ended up wearing out quickly because it would spin out a lot. I replaced the wheel with their knobby wheel and wrapped a 5# ankle weight on each side of the front bar so there was 10# extra weight on either side right below the battery. I also learned to lean forward and kind of lift up on the handlebars a bit (the same motion you do when you are attaching it and lifting up the front castors to clamp it in place). This help tremendously and the weights are just part of it now. Its what made it possible for me to be there and get around independently. I'm so glad I found it! It was a little cumbersome getting on the airplane with it and they were a little hard on it, but it was well worth having it.

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    I do not have the same attachment but all have the same problem. I use a Quickie GPV with my attachment and they have an axle plate with about a 4-inch long opening where the wheels can be adjusted frontwards and backward. I got an extra set of axle sleeves and set them as far back as possible which is about 2 or 2.5 inches further back than I normally run my wheels on my chair. This way before I put my attachment on I just pull my chair up on one side and move the wheel in the air to the back position and then do the same on the other side and I am ready to go. You might be surprised how much difference that 2 or 2.5 inches make. If you look through to the other side you get a better idea of the distance between the two positions
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