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    I thought about how to accommodate a quad when my buddy Ted, Mr. Sporto, got an Audi A3, same chassis as my GTI. The neat thing about these throttle position sensor is is that it's a small piece that can be incorporated into whatever hand control you fabricate. In my case the bicycle brake handle made it a slamdunk. I thought that perhaps the best for a quad would be a ball shape on the top of a vertical brake handle, that rocked on its center, viewed from outside the car, clockwise Idle, counter clockwise throttle.

    Here is a quick sketch of the rocking palm of my hand accelerator. Actually you could build it around the Volvo sensor and use a very short link between it and the fabricated arm of the Volvo sensor. The sensor is almost robust enough to let it be the fulcrum but that would be taking risks.
    I don’t know what spring I put inside the sensor but my gut feeling is that would be all return spring you would need for this rig.

    I would absolutely want to have a scheme where different muscle groups operated throttle and brake. The bicycle brake in the GTI and this scheme will do that.
    Any design that leaves you using the same muscle group for both functions will frustrate a high-performance driver real quick!
    In the GTI set up they are quite disconnected from another. I guess with the quad the best you can do is wrist and arm?

    Pat-if you wanted to mess with it, I could send you this and a bunch of split shaft collars, small rod ends/heim joints, small spherical bearings, and a bunch of bicycle brakes and cable stuff. I can tell you that when you get to the point where squeezing a handle accelerates the engine gears start turning. It’s good to think things up in a vacuum, but when you lay hands to something like that, things become a lot more palpable and it seems to enhance creativity!
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