Any suggestions to relieve bad nerve pain? I've had it really bad for 3-4 days straight. It's bothering me in my hamstring area up to my glutes. I have spurts where I get it bad for a few days and it typically subsides but this is rough. I have a FES cycle which helps but it's a temporary fix. I take gabapentin four times a day with the following doses: 300mg, 900mg, 600mg, 600mg. My doctor said that it's the max dosage for a day. I don't know if I need to try a different medication or if there are other methods to relieve it. It seems pressure related. If I get on my stomach in bed it isn't as bad. And I have no signs of sores or anything pressure related. I know it's something to discuss with my doctor but unfortunately she's out of the country right now. Where I live the primary care doctors just don't understand SCI enough or I'd just go there. I'm C7 incomplete 3 years post injury.