Received this information in an ASIA members' newsletter:

Several individuals living with SCI in the US and Canada have been working over the past 10 months to develop the North American SCI Consortium (NASCIC). The purpose of this Consortium is to bring together organizations in North America that educate, represent, and communicate with people living with SCI and their caregivers. The consortium is not designed to replace member organizations, but to provide a platform for communication, education, and representation of shared goals to the larger community.

The initial thrust of this consortium will focus on research and connecting the research community with the SCI community. This is a direct result of a centralized theme from the 2016 Praxis meeting hosted by the Rick Hansen Institute. The theme is to have a greater voice of consumers living with SCI with action items of setting up a centralized consumer body and enabling effective communication between consumers and researchers.

Grassroots discussions of creating a North American network of SCI consumers began April through September of 2016. The decision to create a North American SCI Consortium came about in October 2016 with initial communications to several organizations and individual members of the SCI consumer community. As a result of those communications it was decided that there was buy-in from several SCI consumer organizations and that the first efforts would focus on connecting the consumer community with the research community. It was decided that a face-to-face meeting was needed to solidify the operations of the consortium and create a strategic plan. The two working committees were established in December 2016 and began meeting by teleconference in January 2017.

The inaugural NASCIC meeting will be held October 12, 2017 in Miami, Florida. Information about the meeting can be found here: