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Thread: slow leaking roho

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    Thanks for all the advice everyone. I will nix the idea of using the Slime to seal the leak. I will continue to look for the leak in the usual manner of inflating and submersing it into some H2O or, going back to the windex spray. I've already used up one bottle but, I will be persistent on finding it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrb View Post
    Slime and other tyre sealants have a life span inside the tyre (about a year) , they also need to be spun to evenly coat the inner tube. It will just pool to the bottom of a Roho and will be useless. You won't be able to clear out the old sealant, you can throw an inner tube away. You will need a lot of weight to simulate sitting, a loaded cushion has about 5 times the pressure of the unweight cushion, hence one of the difficulties of making a pressure gauge for them.
    I don''t think a properly inflated Roho has any pressure without something on it. And with an occupant it's only about .55psi. Inflating by mouth you can get to almost 2psi. I would have recommended using the Roho pump but was afraid it was capable of too much pressure. Thanks for clearing that up, Tom.
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    What Mike_Stan says. Finding the slow leaks are the worst. Sometimes it will deflate quickly, sometime slowly, I think it just depends on how the cells get squished. Sometimes the leak/hole gets squished shut.

    My leaks are often at the base of the cell, and for some reason, the right rear side. What I do to find them is blow up the cushion to about normal,and then submerge it, sometimes kind of one side at time and then 'flip' a row of the cells over and move them around and keep looking until I find the leak.

    I have used goop before, but it gets hard after about 6 months. Now I use a silicone adhesive on these really small leaks. I think the brand is DAP. I just spread it over where the leak is, let it dry, and then may add another coating.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike_Stan View Post
    I have had this happen. It gets frustrating. You almost have to hold it under the water and move each cell around which isn't the easiest thing to do looking for the bubbles. The leak is at the edge/bottom of one of the cells. Lot of times I hear the leak and it is still hard to find. If you find it I have found a couple of layers of Shoe Goo great for fixing those areas where it is hard to apply a patch.
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    I put in about a stroke and a half using the pump every two weeks and the cushion does not seem to be getting incrementally harder, so it must be losing a little bit of air all the time. After all, the valve is not exactly submarine or space shuttle quality, where life-and-death depends on it.

    My therapist once said to check it every couple of months. If I did that I have no doubt I'd be sitting on a metal plate seating pan with a nice sore to boot.

    The pressure gauge is an excellent idea to eliminate the guesswork. Too bad it doesn't work for the multi chamber cushions and persons here have commented that they are not happy with the gauge and found their manual check to be a better tool.

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    I finally found that pesky leak in one of the fingers. So slow that only a bubble at a time was coming out as I immersed it into water. Patched it and, followed JoeM's advice and coated the area with some silicone adhesive. Seems to be holding. Time will tell. This was a hard one to find. I guess the key was to be patient.
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