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Ha, I noticed the temperature drop also, lol. Pretty neat. I had a sheet of paper and binoculars to project the eclipse for when it was too bright, which worked, but the neatest was the clouds tempering the light for ideal viewing
I did the binocular thing too, but used a tripod for stability. The binoculars were pretty much in direct line between the image and the sun. But, and this makes no obvious sense. But the two lenses, incoming and outgoing whatever they are called did not line up in the path I just described. They were at least 20 degrees out of line. Being out of line made it a little difficult to set the tripod up since I could not point the binoculars at the sun. I had to point it 20 degrees or so away from the sun. I don't understand it. The light rays to the binoculars are somehow different than those to me?