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Thread: Trouble getting up in the morning

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    Trouble getting up in the morning

    Does anyone have or had trouble getting up in the morning? I get lightheaded if I get up too early and my shoulders and back feel weak. I have to stay in bed for at least an hour after waking up before I'm comfortable getting up. I'm C7 3 years post injury.

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    How about getting a cheap finger-tip pulse/oximeter from Amazon ($35- $45, don't need $100 ones) so you can check your oxygen level upon awakening? Just a suggestion, from my experience as a person Polio-paralyzed from high chest level down.

    It would be important to discuss this experience with your doctor as they may want to run some tests.

    I just feel the pulse/oximeter is a good item to have even if it 'rules out' low oxygen upon awakening. I think I went for years with undiagnosed low oxygen. Now, in my senior years I use supplemental oxygen with face mask overnight and I wear a wrist watch with finger tip sensor and alarm (pricey) that tells me if my overnight oxygen falls below the level I have set the alarm - sometimes it's just mask coming loose.
    Hope you find answers to this!

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    You might check your blood pressure as well.

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    How about the medications you are using? You might have a "hang over" from them if they are sedatives or, pain meds new to you.
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    Agree with checking your blood pressure. I'd have something to drink close to the bed, and drink as soon as you wake up. Get up slowly, knowing your body needs time to readjust. If you are taking any medications that affect blood pressure, talk with your doctor about them.

    We also keep a finger heart rate/oxygen monitor near my Dad. If he isn't feeling great, we use it to check. If the heart rate is higher than normal, sometimes that means your blood pressure is too low (so the heart rate increases to compensate), so we get him something to drink. If the heart rate is high, and he feels warm, we check his temperature in case he has a fever.

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    I always drink a cup of water 10 or so minutes before getting up. If i dont i feel light headed for a few minutes after i get in my chair. If i do i feel fine.

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    I take Midodrin for blood pressure. It takes a little while to help though. I usually eat and drink something before I get up. It helps but it takes 45-1 hour to get up even halfway comfortable. I'd like to think I could get up within a half hour and be really comfortable but it may not be possible.

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    I don't know if you have a bed that you can elevate your head a little at a time when you wake up. I would also check your oxygen level and your BP - although it sounds as though you are have had an issue with that in since you are on Midodirin. Also, eating and drinking a little when you first wake up may help. Once you get in your chair, can you elevate your legs in the beginning? A binder and TEDS may also help.

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    Yeah I can elevate my bed. I typically wear a binder everyday. I'm just wanting to be able to get out of bed earlier in the morning and not take as long to get out of bed while being comfortable.

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    I get the low blood pressure dizzyness usually after I've been on my FES bike, put back to bed to get changed and up second time . I've taken to having a double espresso whilst getting changed, got a nice bean to cup machine so max caffeine hit.Probably not recommended by the medical profession but it seems to work for me

    Oh tilt back your chair as well then gradually raise backrest giving time to adjust as you go.

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