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    Any quad photographers here?
    I'm pretty new at it.
    Brought to you by: atrophied&twitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregsw View Post
    Any quad photographers here?
    I'm pretty new at it.
    I don't think he is a quad, but he rocks photography:

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    This month's issue of "New Mobility" has an article on photography," Quad Photography: Talent, Tools, Techniques".

    Nice work and website JohnB / 490.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 490 View Post
    Terrific shots. I'm a hobbyist. Prior to my injury I'd used a DSLR with some heavy (nice) lenses. Now in the process of switching over to lighter mirrorless equipment (panasonic micro four thirds). I like the equipment, still working on getting the hang of using the new gear though. I think the smaller gear will be better suited - easier to carry around (more likely to want to take the gear with me when I'm heading somewhere).

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    Photography hobbyist for decades, old SLR and SLR Digital. Now elderly, weak para, so I don't have same issues as you, but will add that I switched from my Nikon Digital with 2 lenses (got way too heavy for me) to Nikon Coolpix P500. I got the latter camera for one main reason after researching a bunch of lighter weight cameras. This one has a moveable display - the display sort of snaps slightly from the body then I can tilt it, put at an angle, etc. all the while it is still connected to the camera. I can then sit camera on my lap, armrest, tripod, monopod, and then point the camera, then rotating/tilting the display to where I can see the picture I've got.
    The controls on the camera might be an issue for a quad, though. They are small, as usual. I have almost always left the setting at automatic focus and aperture opening, so no need to set controls there. However, there's the small button to view the shot you have taken, then the button to save/delete. I'm not sure, but I think a quad could handle the moveable display, especially if it was kept "ajar" instead of snapping it loose each time you use the camera.

    Hope you get into photography - an enjoyable life-long hobby. And, I highly recommend getting enlarged and framed any photos you like - serves to inspire you.
    In addition, maybe give some thought to an appropriate printer - like the ones where you insert memory card into printer, etc. Also, photo printing software to play with and print photos on computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 490 View Post
    Love your photos, especially the old buildings, etc. !

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    My husband is as yet undiagnosed, but one of his worst symptoms is chronic fatigue. He cannot hold a heavy object up for more than a minute or two, and then takes like 15 min to recover. He uses a mirrorless camera and has two tripods that he uses. The tripods help him save energy a lot. You can see his work on my blog (about me and my psychiatric service dog) at . One of the positives of being in a power chair is that he can sling all the equipment he wants over the headrest of the chair and be unencumbered while rolling around. Carrying a tripod or two and his big bag of lenses would be impossible!

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