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Thread: What do you want to do first?

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    Drive to the shore - jump in the Atlantic!

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    The first thing would be to stretch from my toes to my fingertips.

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    Hit a baseball, kayak any badass river (really miss that) run to the ocean and dive in...hunt my favorite hunting grounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by #LHB# View Post
    So hypatheticly. If you where to be cured tomorrow, what would you do first? Other than the obvious sex, bathroom, shower all that stuff. If I could I would sign up for the military, its one of my biggest regrets. Other than that I would pick up a baseball and play catch. I was still playing competitive ball when I was hurt so baseball is near and dear to my heart and I miss it more than anything. So what would y'all do?

    Assuming the cure also takes away the central pain sensations, I would just enjoy no longer being tortured before I do anything else.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    I have a shit list. Of all the peoples whos ass I'd like to kick once I got my legs working. My friends consider it to be an honour to be on it so do anything they can to ensure they stay on it.
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    I go to the beach with my wife and sons. throw the football around and swim in the ocean. Then I'd go to the gym and start working out again.
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    I would slow dance with my Wife. Then "Have a Catch" with my Son and play Tennis with my Daughter

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