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Thread: Calling FoolishOld...

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    Hampshire, England.

    Calling FoolishOld... much as I know how much you love your tree house near Key West I hope to God you've broken the habit of a life time and followed official advice and headed North!

    If by some miracle you should happen to see this drop in and let us know how you are.

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    I really hope he's doing well, and is safe during the storm.

    (I've sent him a PM or 2, over the years, just to check in, but have never gotten a response. IIRC, he broke ties with this site after some particularly poor interactions with mods/admin (over a 'suicide' thread) and hasn't even logged in since. A shame, really, he was such a consistent voice of well tempered reason and intelligence around here for so long.)
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    Think of Foolish old also. Always appreciated his keen mind and intelligence. Stay safe wherever you are FO.

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    Irma has done too much damage already for one storm, I'm hoping it goes further west and fizzles.
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    I tried to call him yesterday, I have a few other Floridians I was checking on too, and got no answer. His home phone gives the "disconnected" msg, and his cell gives the "can't be completed as dialed" msg. I'm hoping he gave up his landline and maybe cell service sucks wherever he may be. I just tried again now, same thing.

    Stay safe F.O. wherever you are.
    "a T10, who'd Rather be ridin'; than rollin'"

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    Thanks for the update McD.

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    That doesn't sound good.
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    I seem to recall a goodbye post that explained that he had some personal (health?) issues to tend to. I looked back through his posts but couldn't find it.

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    I tried e-mailing him with the e-mail address from his registration/profile here, and it bounced back as undeliverable. I fear the worst.

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