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    Bluetooth Streaming

    I want to be able to stream music from a couple different sources and be played on my 2.1 surround sound system. Its pretty old but still sounds good. I thought about buying a new inexpensive system but I have a strict size limitation and I don't have a lot to spend. Is there an adapter that will make them able to receive a Bluetooth signal?


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    I have an in wall amplifier and bought a bluetooth audio receiver that has a 3.5mm jack plug that fits in the amp input like this or you can get adaptors like this for normal dual audio in

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    I don't have Bluetooth built into my PC's. However, I use a simple USB Bluetooth adapter which enables you to connect any Bluetooth device to the PC.

    This is the one I use. At the moment, I have got my Bose Bluetooth speaker connected wirelessly through my PC using the simple Bluetooth adapter via USB

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    I have one of those for my PC, its my old sound system that I need to make Bluetooth'ed. I found an adapter at Best Buy but it'll require some cord adapters as well.

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