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Thread: Which probiotics does everyone prefer

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    Culturelle works best for me, take one daily. Also eat lots of sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) the German version of kimchi.
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    I ferment my own milk kefir. Just a few ounces contains trillions of beneficial bacteria and it is cheap to make.

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    Please advise how you make it? Where do you get the kefir grains from?

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    VSL is the best. It must be refrigerated. They sell at Costco.

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    ok dumb question what heck is it and why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scimike View Post
    Please advise how you make it? Where do you get the kefir grains from?
    There are two variations available, keifr powder and kefir grains. The powder is simpler but the grains are better (taste and contains more probiotics).

    The powder can be bought at a health food store. You add it to milk and you'll have kefir the next day. Then the next batch is made by adding a teaspoon of the kefir you just made to more fresh milk. You won't need the powder again (unless you stop making the kefir and have to start over).

    The grains take more work. You add the culture to milk and you'll have kefir the next day (same as above). But here's where the two differ. You filter the kefir grains with a strainer and add them to the next batch of milk. If you don't make kefir everyday, then you'll have to store the grains in some milk in the fridge. Not much more work. But better. You can get the grains on Ebay.

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    It is doctor recommended because it has really all the bacteria that it says. I think m neurosurgeon told me that if any probiotic does not require refregiration then most of the good stuff dies. He has to get the best probiotics for his mom and VSL is not good for him because his mother has to have the most pure probiotic she can get. He said he found it in Germany and he was trying to figure out how to bring it here.

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    I really appreciate your help. I think I will try the grains.

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    I make milk kefir with raw milk (unpasteurized). In theory, both raw milk and pasteurized milk are equal for the sake of making probiotics because both types of milk contain lactose, the food source that kefir grains convert into probiotics. But raw milk has live cultures that have not been killed by pasteurization. Hence, is has more nutritional benefits.

    Notes: 1) you cannot use lactose free milk to create kefir because lactose is the required food source for the grains, 2) well fermented milk kefir is lactose free, and 3) if you are lactose intolerant, kefir can help you build a tolerance to it by starting with a strong fermentation and slowly decreasing the fermentation time over a few weeks, and 4) it may help to better tolerate gluten.

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